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Criminal Defense | Civil Litigation Attorney

Lawyer in Vallejo, CA, Serving Solano, Napa, & Contra Costa Counties

The Law Office of David Cello, in Vallejo CA, focuses on cases based around criminal defense, civil litigation, and personal injury. We understand that every case is different and, as such, we treat all of our clients with understanding and compassion. You are not just another number and we will work hard to help you receive the best possible outcome for your case. The Law Office of David L. Cello is your source for sound legal advice, consultation, and trial services. Whether you are in need of civil litigation or criminal defense services, contact David Cello.

Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney Quickly

Regardless of if you think you are innocent or guilty of the crime you have been charged with (if you have been charged with a crime) hiring a criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important things you can do. Establishing innocence with law enforcement and in court is rarely as easy as it may appear on TV. In an ideal world, the court system would never wrongfully convict anyone, unfortunately, wrongful convictions happen. Even if you ARE guilty of the crime you are charged with, you still deserve the right to a fair trial.

Unless you are an experienced attorney who practices in Vallejo, you may not know the all of the legal defenses that apply to your situation. If you have been charged with a crime, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, like David Cello. By quickly retaining an attorney they can be present for questioning and can better understand all options available to you. It will also allow our team to help negotiate the best outcomes for your case, sometimes before it even reaches trial.

What Is a Civil Litigation?

In general, civil litigation refers to a legal dispute between individuals (or businesses) where one party is seeking monetary damages or a specific outcome. At The Law Office of David Cello, our civil litigation team is here to represent you in your civil litigation case. We represent clients in cases such as personal injury and would be happy to discuss your case more in depth. We provide legal representation for civil litigation cases in Vallejo California and surrounding counties, such as Napa county, Solano County and Contra Costa County.

Contact The Law Office of David L. Cello in Napa County, Contra Costa, & Solano County CA

For superior legal advice, including arbitration, mediation, and trial services, give the Law Office of David L. Cello a call at 707-646-9160 or contact us online now to schedule a consultation. David Cello provides criminal defense, civil litigation services, and personal injury cases in Solano County, Napa County, Contra Costa County, and surrounding areas. Contact David Cello now for your legal needs.

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