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An employer in California must maneuver through a complex maze of State and Federal laws governing employee relations, especially in the areas of sex and age discrimination, wrongful termination, workplace safety, job security, and management relations to avoid potential liability to its employees. Even the most careful and conscientious employers can get caught up in some aspect of employment litigation. If you need legal representation to defend yourself from a lawsuit brought on by a current or former employee, contact the Vallejo employment lawyer at The Law Office of David Cello.

We Handle These Types Of Employment Law Cases For Employers in Vallejo & Beyond

Unpaid Wage Defense Attorney Vallejo:

Wage, hour, and overtime disputes can be extremely complex and impact every employer. These situations call for expertise from a defense attorney who can offer day-to-day advice regarding wage and hour compliance and represent employers in litigation. In these matters, companies will often need to be prepared to prove statutory compliance by producing their internal employment policies and procedures, and a proactive, documentation-based defense strategy will produce an efficient and favorable result in many cases.

Wrongful Termination Defense Attorney Vallejo:

Employers must take wrongful termination claims from former employees seriously. As with all employment-related matters, our office focuses on efficiently achieving a favorable result, but we also maintain a plan toward trial so that we are prepared to fully litigate employees ‘claims when and if it becomes necessary.

Workplace Discrimination Defense Attorney Vallejo:

When faced with discrimination allegations, employers should take the allegations seriously, and often they must conduct investigations focused on assessing the legitimacy of the employee’s claims. When claims proceed to litigation, employers must be prepared to defend themselves using the evidence that is available to them in order to achieve a favorable result that protects their business.

Workplace Retaliation Defense Attorney Vallejo:

Employment retaliation allegations are a substantial threat to California employers. The state’s employment laws strongly favor employees and employee rights. When employees bring retaliation complaints, employers are forced to defend legitimate employment decisions. Working with the right retaliation defense attorney can help employers successfully dispute costly and time-consuming retaliation complaints.

Severance Attorney Defense Vallejo:

Most employment contract disputes relate to former employees’ right to payment after they have been terminated. Our office can review the employee’s agreement to determine the rights and remedies that have been afforded to both parties, and we can execute a defense strategy that is tailored to mitigating your company’s liability and even avoiding liability entirely.

Sexual Harassment Defense Attorney Vallejo

Contact David Cello Employment Law Defense Attorney in Vallejo & The Surrounding Areas

If you have an employee that has filed a lawsuit against you or your company, even if you believe it has no merit, it might be a good idea to speak to an employment law attorney in Vallejo. David Cello will talk to you about the situation and work with you to determine the right way to defend yourself against the lawsuit. . If we do represent you we will fight hard to protect your rights and advocate for you in the court. Contact us online or give us a call at 707-646-9160 to schedule a consultation.

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