Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Excellent work ethic

My husband and I retained David Cello in hopes of getting a work place restraining order dropped. Mr. Cello worked hard to put together a winning case and when it came to our time in the court room he was incredible. I would definately recomment David Cello for any future cases if you value a relentless work ethic.


Satisfied client

My Name is Al in April of 2017 I was charged with assult on my girlfriend. There was no asult but the DA at the time would not let the case go. At the time I had another attorney from Dave’s office representing me. They got the case lowered to battery, however I didn’t want to accept that. Dave Cello stepped in and with a large amount of effort on his part he was able to get me a deal to where it will be dismissed as a diversion case when I follow through with some orders by the court. I have to say that without Dave Cello my case would have resulted in a plea deal as I don’t think the other attorney cared either way.



A fighter. Not afraid of corrupt black robes.

I retained the services of the Law Offices of Attorney Maher and he referred his associate Attorney David Cello. Attorney Cello worked tirelessly on my case unfortunately I did not get the outcome I deserved. There is nothing he can do when it comes to judicial malpractice, the American Judicial System is broken, a biased judge is more dangerous to society than a million terrorists. I highly recommend him, he is very professional and keeps his head when things are very heated in the courthouse. This man weighs in every angle of a case and provides you with the best offense or defense, but ultimately your faith lies in a jury of your peers or a communist in black garb. I may have lost the battle but with the help of Attorney Cello we will win the war.


Superb experience!

When I began the process of attempting to obtain a permanent restraining order, I felt overwhelmed by the process. Five minutes into my consultation with Dave, I knew that he was the antidote to my anxiety and hired him. Throughout the process, Dave was patient, knowledgeable, reliable and was able to keep me abreast of every new action step. Dave helped prepare me for court on both a humane and legal way, making me feel calm and supported. Dave fought for me and was able to help me obtain a five year restraining order! I truly believe that I could have not gotten this result without his expertise and amazing skills as an attorney. I highly recommend him and am so grateful for finding him.


Successful eviction of squatters

I hired David Cello in order to evict two squatters who took up residence under false pretenses in my owner-occupied home, which also operates as an international artist residency. They signed a fixed term 3 month lease with an initial payment from a local church. Failure to pay rent, drugs, noise, property damage, animal nuisance followed immediately. After our initial consultation on February 13, David proceeded swiftly to serve a new 3 day notice followed by a summons/unlawful detainer. The eviction happened six weeks and two days from our initial meeting. I highly value David’s swift appraisal of the situation and his professional skills.


Landlord assistance

Successfully secured restraining orders for homeless that were living on my property and were driving me crazy.


He fought for me

I was referred to David Cello by one of my relatives. I had very challenging legal matters that he helped me resolve. I was impressed by his professionalism and diligence. He saw me as a person not just a case that he had to settle. He fought for me in the courtroom and helped ensure that I received a fair hearing. I am extremely pleased with the services he provided and encourage others to seek his counsel if needed.


Absolute best in criminal defense

David is a great attorney, If you have David you will receive the absolute best in criminal defense I know I did, When my trouble started and I knew I needed help I chose David, He is brilliant in court and a caring compassionate human being. He will fight for you and win.


David has tenacity, perseverance, and determination

Situations Happens… And most of the time… Situations Happens when we least expect.
Unfortunately, i found myself in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney. Fortunately, i found someone who referred me to Criminal Defense Attorney David Cello. Just as i am making this referral now. If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney, you have to talk to David. David has tenacity, perseverance, and determination. He’s got that fire in his belly to fight and he won’t give in. Only your best interest is his interest.

I was falsely accused of DUI. But, with David’s legal defense, i was victorious. No license suspension, No Commercial license suspension, No IID, No DMV punishment. I walked away with No DUI. WE PREVAILED!!! Never Defend Yourself… You need an Attorney…And, I am here to say… David Cello is YOUR MAN…


More than a five star attorney

I recently found myself needing legal representation for the first time ever. The stress associated with my situation was overwhelming. Attorney shopping made it even worse. Until I happened upon David L Cello. I was immediately put at ease with not only his knowledge of the law and how he would apply it to my case. But more by the way he took, what felt to me, a much more personal approach to my situation than any other attorney I had spoken with before him. And there were more than a few. His communication skills make him easy to understand. His attention to my case including keeping me up to date from beginning to end was top rate. Even after my case was resolved. He followed up with links to programs relating to my particular situation. More than a five star attorney. A five star person as well!


Incredible outcome

Dave is an incredible attorney! He was able to provide me with excellent representation – his knowledge of the law and his calm, professional manner put me at ease from our initial consultation through the last court date, wherein he got me an incredible outcome. He is fair, compassionate and direct. I highly recommend him.


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